On Hatred: Why are gamers offended by it?

Hatred. It’s a game. And it’s coming out. And you kill things in it. And apparently that is bad because there isn’t a justification for that killing. Why is that suddenly a problem? Is it a problem? Personally, I don’t think so. I realize I’m a bit late to be formally commenting on Hatred, considering the trailer came out a couple weeks ago, but I still think it’s worth discussing regardless.

The trailer is essentially a complete psychopath going on a “genocide crusade,” killing people for absolutely no reason and he does not care if he dies either (as most psychopaths usually don’t care). It appears to be a top-down shooter of sorts. Hell, it might not even be good; amongst the anger people feel about the game, it could just be a generic top-down shooter that isn’t even memorable. Is this trailer using shock value in order to get attention? Absolutely. But here’s a thought, the people who are complaining about it and are angry about it and are talking about it loudly, aren’t you just helping this game get exactly what it wants? You could just, I don’t know, ignore the game? Maybe I’m crazy, but that seems to make the most sense to me. I’m personally commenting on the game because I’m not offended by the game whatsoever.

Why exactly am I not offended by the game? Well, have you ever played GTA and enjoyed shooting civilians? Or played Call of Duty and just enjoyed shooting at stuff? Or hey, played Uncharted where a guy murders plenty of people because he is the “hero?” I mean come on, why is this game even an issue with people? You are already doing exactly what this game expresses in other games! Is the concept slightly different by outright saying, “this is a game where the main character is a crazy psychopathic murderer who is killing for the sake of killing?” Yes, yes it is. But should we really care? I don’t think so. We’ve played so many games already where we senselessly murder people, as I already mentioned. But why is everyone so riled up about this anyhow?

Well, time to get political! Unfortunately, we live in this world where most things are deemed “politically incorrect” or “offensive,” (whatever that even means) so all the people who get offended by stupid garbage all the time are going to get offended by Hatred, but will willing defend GTA or Uncharted to the people who think all video games are “violent.” It’s extremely hypocritical and the excuse is, “but those games have stories!” Oh who cares? First off, GTA’s story isn’t exactly…umm…that great. It isn’t. It’s mostly stupid and over the top. All right, Uncharted has more of a story but regardless; the guy is still murdering 1,000s of people in his journey for treasure or something. But apparently the game where it is willing to skip the bullshit and just outright say, “this game is about murdering people…virtually,” is “offensive.” It’s silly and petty and a really crappy and useless argument without much basis. It’s being offended for the sake of being offended. Play Hatred. Don’t play Hatred. Ignore Hatred. Get angry about Hatred. I don’t care. I’m not going to play it simply because I don’t really care to play it, not because I’m super offended by a fucking video game.

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