Phil Fish leaving the video game industry, indie games, and bad video game journalism

As of today, Phil Fish has announced he is done developing Fez 2 and essentially done making video games. Although, I really doubt this is true, he’ll find himself back here I’m sure. I haven’t played Fez myself but I defiantly plan to eventually. Phil Fish has become notorious in the industry with many people calling him extremely pretentious, self-absorbed, and just in general, a whiner. I’m sort of neutral on the subject. People constantly say crap about him but all that does is make it worse. Is he responding to comments in the right way? Absolutely not. He responds in a very negative and inappropriate way. In general, I think he should ignore the comments made about him or respond in a better manner.

I really think that people need to stop being such an ass to him though. He doesn’t necessarily deserve to be constantly shat on. Nobody does. Is he maybe slightly pretentious? Yeah. Indie developers don’t exactly have the easiest time though. Making games is hard. Extremely hard. So, when a game journalist like Marcus Beer just completely acts like a jerk because Phil Fish won’t comment on Microsoft’s new indie game policies, that’s just stupid and immature. I understand Marcus Beer wants answers but don’t act like an asshole just because he decided to not answer a question. It’s not a big deal. Neither one of them handled the situation correctly.

Also, gamers tend to be self entitled assholes so I don’t blame Phil Fish for wanting to leave the industry. Many gamers aren’t exactly the nicest people. Many are fan boys, self-entitled, etc. I’m not saying all gamers are, but plenty are. Overall, I don’t think people should be such an asshole to Phil Fish and Marcus Beer is essentially the definition of a game journalist I don’t like. As someone who has an interest in game journalism, Marcus Beer is the polar opposite of what I’d want to be. People like him don’t even realize how much indie developers go through to make a game. In addition, you used the word “Hipster,” Marcus. It’s a word that has lost any real meaning. Stop using it.

I highly recommend everyone watch Indie Game: The Movie. I feel like it did a good job showing the crap developers have to go through. As much as people shit on Phil Fish, he has gone through a ton of crap during his time of developing Fez. So, essentially, here’s my message, just stop being a dick and enjoy video games or create them or write about them. It’s as simply as that. Just be a respectful person, it’s basic common sense.