Pokemon Omega Ruby: Or how a college student finally decided to play games again: Or how the nostalgia bug has consumed me: Or who this a long title

It’s pretty difficult to actually find time to play games when all you do is read books and write papers all week. College is stressful. And kind of enjoyable and kind of sucks at the same time. So I decided it would be a great idea to get a 3DS and a copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby to try to relax for once and not do homework for ten hours a day (that’s a bit of an exaggeration probably). The fact is ever since I’ve gone back to college I’ve barely even played video games. I don’t have the time and my passion for them has dissolved a bit (which is why I’ve completely disappeared on here for like a year), but playing Pokemon has really changed that once again. It reinvigorated a passion for gaming that I haven’t had in awhile. Is it partially a nostalgia factor? Absolutely. But it is so much more than that.

It’s hard to actually find time to play games that are heavily story-driven when life is so busy and that’s when handhelds and Pokemon come in handy. Pokemon Omega Ruby doesn’t exactly have the greatest story (none of the Pokemon games do but would one really expect it from a game that is technically designed for children and the story is low-key environmentalist propaganda for children, let’s be honest). (Protect the environment, children.) This paragraph has been a disaster of parentheses and I think I’m going to get out of it. (Clearly, college has not taught me how to write like a normal, academic person.)

I’m three badges into Omega Ruby but it’s everything I could have asked for. It takes a game that was a significant part of my childhood, a game I played so many times over and have the whole damn thing near-memorized, and crafts it into a gorgeous remake with wonderful new graphics and new content. It’s everything twelve-year old me wanted Pokemon to become. And well, I guess that is a reality now. It’s like I’m playing a new and old game all at once and it kind of trips me out a bit. It’s like an entirely different experience that I’ve forgotten existed.

I pushed aside my love for Pokemon after Diamond and Pearl because I simply didn’t care for the games very much. I found them to be kind of mediocre and underwhelming, even as a kid. (Despite the fact that I put 60 hours into Pearl, but we’ll ignore that obvious fact, okay?) But playing Omega Ruby makes me want to go pick up every single Pokemon game I’ve missed out on, especially X & Y. Let’s just say that my excitement for Sun & Moon is pretty substantial.

But playing Omega Ruby has done more for me beyond simply loving Pokemon again; it reminded me the simple joy of Nintendo games and gaming in general. All I’ve really played the past year or so was Star Wars Battlefront, Destiny, and occasionally Smash Bros. on the Wii-U. I simply didn’t find myself having enough interest in gaming or enough time. Video games take a lot of goddamn dedication to actually play. It’s hard to find the time. It really, really is. But I think I can make the time if possible. I’ve realized that it really helps to calm me down in between schoolwork and with the 3DS it makes playing games wherever I want on campus far easier.

So I guess this is a strange article. The point is, find time to play games. Make an effort to do it because I know it has been beneficial for me since starting Omega Ruby. College is stressful as all hell and having something to actually relax with has been wonderful. And it’s pretty wonderful when you have a significant other who actually wants to play Pokemon with you at the same time. It’s stupid shit that tends to make life worth living and the most fun.


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