A petition to remove Anita Sarkeesian from the development of Mirror’s Edge 2 has begun

A petition has been started to remove Anita Sarkeesian, infamous feminist video game critic known for her series of videos entitled “Feminist Frequency,” from Mirror’s Edge 2 game development.

EA Games and DICE have decided to include Anita Sarkeesian in the development of the game and the petition argues that, “Anita Sarkeesian has no credibility or experience in game development. She is merely a self proclaimed critic and her opinions should offer no sound foundations in the development of this or any game. She has no experience in the industry.”

The petition further states, “In the past, Anita has even spoken against her status as a gamer, only to rebut her stance to serve her own purposes.” “We are not against strong portrayls of women in video games, but believe that consultations on games should be given by more credible and experienced sources.”

This subject as a whole is completely controversial. Some people think what Anita Sarkeesian is doing is great and very important. Some people hate her and send her death threats. And then there’s me…somewhere in the middle. I do not think Anita Sarkeesian is credible in anyway whatsoever. It’d be absurd to think so. She does not play video games. She does not care for video games. She does not have a passion for this medium. She pretends to have a passion for this medium to make videos to fit her agenda and her narrative. Do I think she has a few valid points very occasionally? Sure, why not? Do I think she has the right to speak for gamers or even the portrayal of females in video games? Not really.

For some reason, she thinks she does. Again, she has stated more than once that she doesn’t even really play games, so how does she have any credibility? And beyond that, she has constantly ask for funding for a video project where she is talking to a camera with footage from video games which any idiot with a couple hundred bucks could have done on their own. She didn’t need any funding for this series and I don’t care what anyone says. I’m sure she had the money to make this happen. She is a beggar and a leech and I’m not afraid to state this opinion even though the Social Justice Warriors will probably be angry or something.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE strong female character. I think they’re awesome. Do we need more of them? Absolutely. Does that mean we should criticize any video game that has sexualized characters or damsel in distress characters? No, no we shouldn’t.

Bayonetta 2 was praised to no end and is considered one of the best games this year, are we supposed to not play it because Bayonetta is a hypersexual character? If you’re offended by it, don’t buy it, your loss, I’m sure you’re missing out on a fun action game. (I haven’t actually played it yet, but I’m going to.) I’m sure Anita Sarkeesian would probably tell you not to play Bayonetta 2. And what right does she have to say that?

Listen, I don’t care, she is allowed to say whatever she wants. But it does draw the line when she is getting involved in the actual development of video games. I did sign this petition because I do agree with it. She has no credibility to be involved with game development, she can blabber on and on about women in video games or whatever and have that opinion and that’s great, I could care less (even if I disagree with most of what she says) but she shouldn’t be involved with Mirror’s Edge 2. I sincerely hope that EA and DICE change their minds on this.

Video games are an amazing art form that is still in growing pains. We are just starting to get amazing female characters and I only see that getting brighter and brighter in the future. But characters like Bayonetta have the right to exist and if you don’t like it, don’t buy the goddamn game (just reemphasizing this). Anita Sarkeesian has no right to tell you what to buy, tell you what to put in a game, or any of that. She’s basically just an angry Tumblr user, Social Justice Warrior who wants her way and is willing to lie, cheat, and steal her way up to the top.

What do you think about EA and DICE allowing Anita Sarkeesian to be involved in development? What do you think about Anita Sarkeesian in general? How about the portrayal of female characters in video games? Good or bad?

Important update to this post: It sounds as though there might not be as much credibility to this petition that I once thought. The entire petition is really based upon a rumor with no real sources. People should take look at this link here to understand what I’m talking about further. I apologize for making this post without much real fact-checking or credibility, but I still think discussing Anita Sarkeesian and what she stands for is very, very important, whether you are for or against her. I still want to have a healthy discussion and debate about it in the comments, but I suggest ignoring the petition unless something truly gets confirmed from a real source from DICE or EA.

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