David Jaffe and his team are working on a new God of War title (but not really)

Recently, David Jaffe (known for his work on God of War and Twisted Metal) and his new team, The Barlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, posted a stranger teaser video for a new game they are developing that was to be revealed at Playstation Experience (a Playstation event happening in Las Vegas on December 6th-7th). But out of nowhere, David Jaffe has confirmed that he is working on a new God of War title…the last thing anyone expected based on that teaser video which was horrifying and surreal. Jaffe confirmed this on Twitter:

What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited for a new God of War title? Is Jaffe just trolling us? Or is he totally being sincere about this being a new God of War title with a completely different studio that isn’t Santa Monica? The entire thing is strangely awesome.

*IMPORTANT UPDATE: Except he trolled everyone, according to this tweet continuing from the first one:

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Author of this post (and the only author ever on this blog):

Jesse Jordon is an aspiring writer who writes this stuff on these blogs to make you learn something I guess. (Wait, why am I mixing 3rd and 1st person point of view when I’m the only one writing this?) He’s trying to be a video game journalist but is probably failing at that. You can follow him on Twitter @jjordon96 (if you want I guess). You can also purchase his first self-published book On Human Empathy for only $5.00 (you can buy literature or coffee, it’s up to you to decide. I’d go with the coffee personally).


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