Nintendo files patent for old games on mobile devices

Nintendo has applied for a patent that will allow its Gameboy games to be played on mobile devices.

Back in 2012, the company attempted to codify how its games could be played on new platforms. Regardless, this isn’t a confirmation that the games will be released on mobile platforms, but it is the legal measures necessary to make it possible and Nintendo already releases classic games on its own consoles. (Source: Polygon)

What are your thoughts on this? I think this is a very good thing for Nintendo to do. Nintendo isn’t doing amazing in terms of sales right now (well, more so in the console market than the handheld one) and this could help them get some serious change. If they sell emulators and games for a couple of dollar each, people will buy them, especially the everyday consumer who might remember playing that game back in the day. It’ll force them to try it out again if they simply see it being advertised in the App Store. It is good to see that Nintendo might be getting less stingy and more willing to share their product beyond their platforms, not just for the consumer but also as a great business move that will do nothing but help Nintendo thrive.

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