Bioshock Developer Irrational Games is (already) hiring employees once again

Irrational Games, developer of Bioshock, is looking to hire new staff, as made evident by the studio’s official website. This decision is happening months after most of the staff had been laid off (70 permanent employees and five contractors lost their jobs, according to an Irrational representative). (Source: Polyon.) Ken Levine, co-founder of Irrational, started a new team months ago, a small team who are to develop titles that are “narrative-driven games for the core gamer.”

Recently, ex-Bioshock devs attempted to fund a PC game titled “The Black Glove” which failed to reach its Kickstarter goals, making only $216,517 of its $550,000 goal despite a push made from Ken Levine voicing support (Source: IGN).

Irrational Games basically dwindling down to nothing was a strange decision to me. When the news first hit months ago, I was unsure of how to feel and raised multiple questions. Did Ken Levine make this decision? Did 2K make this decision? Did Bioshock Infinite’s long development time and money-wasted cause this problem? I still am suspicious as to what really happened, especially if they are already looking to hire more people only months later of completely destroying a team. This is commonplace in the games industry: a bunch of people have jobs for one project and then they lose their jobs immediately afterwards. I don’t think it is healthy for the industry to work in this manner and they should try to give people more permanent job positions, otherwise, they’ll just be stuck like the ex-Bioshock devs attempting to raise money for a game and completely failing.

I am sure that more Bioshock games are in the works and that is why they are looking to find more team members for Irrational. I understand Ken Levine wanting to leave and making small games, especially considering how different the indies market is compared to the big budget, craziness of AAA games. He was more than likely burned out and wanted to do something smaller. As a whole, I’m interested to see what Irrational Games has in the works, a new Bioshock game? A new IP? Who knows? What do you think? What do you think of Irrational hiring new employees so soon after letting so many go? Write in the comments below on your thoughts. Also, check out my original post about the dismantling of Irrational Games here.

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