Why I love video game culture so much

This may come across as preaching to the choir or something of that sort. I don’t care. It also might get personal. I don’t care. I’d rather be sincere and honest about video games. I just love video game culture, let’s forget about the vile hatred that the community brings up sometimes: the console wars, #gamergate, making fun of COD (I ENJOY COD…SORRY), and all that other garbage. Let’s just talk about how great this culture is and how it’s kept me sane. First, some context:

I was at the gym, listening to a past episode of Podcast Beyond that I missed. (The #1 Playstation podcast on the Internet. Obviously. Why aren’t you listening to it?) Toward the end of the episode Mega Ran (a rapper associated with the Nerdcore Hip-Hop movement) performed a song called “Dream Master” and I don’t know, it just hit me. I fucking love video games. So much. I love this culture. I love EVERYTHING about it (even the vile hatred I told you to forget about). The song itself is a simple song, just Mega Ran talking about growing up and how video games impacted him and what they mean to him. It was so simple, utterly sincere, and it felt so good and refreshing. I adore sincerity more than anything and I guess that made me realize how much I truly love this culture.

I don’t know. Maybe it just has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve been going through one of the most confusing points in my life ever. I left my home to go to college ten hours away and have never been more miserable in my life. So I’m leaving at the end of the semester, but one of the things that have helped me cope through this time is video games and writing about them. All I have with me is my Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita, but just sitting and playing Call of Duty, Sonic Adventure (you aren’t that good though, Sonic Adventure), Lumines: Electronic Symphony, etc. All of this has just kept me okay. Reading websites like IGN has kept me alright. Listening to podcasts like Podcast Beyond has made me feel less alone.

I never thought my dream of going to college where I am would actually end up being the worst time of my life. My ambitions had been to be a filmmaker for so long and that has changed. I do plan to go back to college as an English/Writing major but I’ve now decided, as a whole, that I want to simply write and talk about video games and video game culture for the rest of my life and I will make that happen. By posting here, by posting everywhere, by making video content, and I will make it my end goal to work in video games somehow. And I don’t think that’s ridiculous, for anyone else who is sitting here and posting about video games, don’t fucking give up. Keep doing this. Keep writing about this culture because this culture has kept so much of us okay. Has helped us find people with similar interests who can understand why we love these games so much. I feel like I’m part of the biggest cult culture ever and it’s fucking awesome.

It’s just as long as I can remember, it’s video games I go back to. Video games have always been the constant force in my life that remind me that everything is alright and that the people surrounding this culture are wonderful and I love that. I love it so fucking much. I hope people get what I’m trying to say here. I’m trying to be as straightforward and sincere here as possible. Keep playing games. Keep talking about this culture. Keep all of this alive. Because it’s pretty beautiful and means so much more than most people can completely understand. All of you people on these gaming sites and even the people starting their own damn sites right now as I speak (or write this), you’re awesome. I hope you know that. Life is pretty good. And so are video games.

Author of this post (and the only author ever on this blog):

Jesse Jordon is an aspiring faux writer who writes this garbage on these blogs to make you laugh or learn something I guess. (Wait, why am I mixing 3rd and 1st person point of view when I’m the only one writing this?) You can follow him on Twitter @jjordon96 (if you want I guess). You can also purchase his first self-published book On Human Empathy for only $5.00 (you can buy literature or coffee, it’s up to you to decide. I’d go with the coffee personally). (I think I just said my book was shit.)


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