Wilfred “Courage” Review (Season 4, Episode 8)

Full spoilers ahead:

I usually fear the ending of a television show because I know that it will make or break what the show really means to me by the end. For most sitcoms, it doesn’t really matter because every episode pretty much presses the “reset button” and the stories are (mostly) self-contained. But some sitcoms also have continuing plot points that are very important and sometimes that story is just as important as the jokes being told. Some of those shows include How I Met Your Mother (which failed miserably with its ending and it did indeed hurt the show as a whole, in my opinion), The Office (which did an amazing job with a last season that completely recovered the show and has one of the best endings I’ve ever seen on television), and we also have Wilfred (ya know, the show I’m talking about in this episode review). I feared for Wilfred’s ending especially considering the show has had some actual serious moments throughout and has a very psychological nature to it as well and has also managed to take itself seriously at times despite being about a guy who can see a dog as a human in a dog suit (or something like that). And for most of this season, I was worried I wouldn’t be very satisfied by the ending and that the show would attempt to pile on crazy “psychological” aspects and have insane twists and turns (and it did seem to go that direction for quite some time) but I sort of feel at peace with the show. I sort of feel like I’m going to be satisfied by this show…because this episode was absolutely perfect.

The episode begins with Wilfred adjusting to his life as a three-legged dog and he gets a check-up and we find out that he may have lung cancer which leads to Wilfred forming a bucket list and Ryan has to help tell Bear that Wilfred (might) be dying. And that scene was absolutely hilarious and it really shows that this show has actually treated Bear as a real character and it has worked very, very well throughout the show’s run. We then have a hilarious montage of Wilfred going through his bucket list which includes such things as peeing on a multitude of rugs, riding on a fire truck, and beating up the mailman (or Ryan) with a bat. The humor was entirely on point this episode with every joke hitting.

Ryan hides the fact that Wilfred might have lung cancer to Jenna but she eventually finds out and well, Jenna is pretty angry with Ryan. Regardless, Wilfred finishes the last thing on his bucket list with Ryan which included giving away Bear to another dog and it was extremely funny (especially when Bear is immediately chewed up by the dog but only Ryan ends up seeing it) but it was oddly heartwarming as well which really shows that such a ridiculous character like a stuffed bear means something to such a surreal and crazy show like Wilfred. The show has a sentimental core that isn’t gooey or overbearing (no pun intended) but just right.

But we then find out something very sad and permanent after Wilfred conquers his fear of climbing the stairs (with his three legs…or two legs and one arm or…um, I don’t know) and Ryan decides to conquer his fear and goes to talk to Jenna. Wilfred is indeed dying; he has stage four cancer and only has days to live. This is probably one of the most real and permanent things the show has done with Wilfred’s character and I like it a lot. I sincerely don’t think they’ll backtrack on it in some way and they’l end up living up to it. Jenna and Ryan then kiss which has been a fucking long time coming since this season started and they also have sex too. Ryan finally spits out the fact that he loves Jenna and she does as well and everything seems pretty happy despite the coming death of Wilfred.

Ryan then goes to talk to Wilfred and finds out that Wilfred already knew he was dying and that Wilfred does indeed think he is a God…but because he brought happiness. He helped bring Ryan and Jenna together (eventually). And everything’s good. I think Wilfred has already come to terms with his death and Jenna and Ryan will come to it as well. It may sound strange but I don’t want crazy twists and turns for this show. I want it to end lightly and quietly. I don’t mind if it ends with Wilfred dying and Ryan and Jenna living out their lives afterwards. I don’t mind if the last two episodes are simply bits of Ryan and Wilfred doing stupid shit together and spending their last moments together. Do I entirely think that’s the direction the last two episodes will go? No, probably not. Bruce is still a factor and Amanda could potentially be as well. And the whole cult thing could still have some part in all of this and whatever Ryan’s Dad’s strange past caused as well. I don’t know. But I’m okay with a lighter ending…I really am but if they can go the psychological crazy route (which they pretty obviously will) and make it work, then I’m all for that as well. Let’s just hope this show ends on a great note instead of a bad one but if the next two episodes play out as well as this one did, I’m sure it will.

Funniest Moments:

  • Wilfred trying to go up the stairs and needing to get his Gatorade bong lit up for him. (I think he might be overreacting…just a tad.)
  • “Tell her my lung has breast cancer” (WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?)
  • Having Ryan and Wilfred tell Bear the news is just fucking pure gold. I love every damn scene with Bear and I’ll miss him the most. R.I.P. Bear #BEARFOREVER #RIPBEAR #THATDOGHADNOMERCYONHIM #DONTACTUALLYTWEETTHESEHASHTAGS
  • Wilfred bucket list montage (Who doesn’t like peeing on multiple rugs? And it was a nice bro moment between Wilfred and Ryan…sort of.)
  • “I’M DYING!” Wilfred screams as he tries to climb the stairs (an overreaction that ends up being…sadly true.)

5/5 stars (seriously this episode was perfect and the best of the season thus far)

Author of this post (and every post thus far and maybe forever more):

Jesse Jordon is an aspiring comedic writer/filmmaker/performer/pieceofshit who writes this garbage on these blogs to make you laugh or learn something I guess. (Wait, why I am using 1st and 3rd person point of view when I’m the only one writing this?) You can follow him on Twitter (I mean if you want) @WhyShitSoCrazy



2 thoughts on “Wilfred “Courage” Review (Season 4, Episode 8)

  1. Great review and I agree with everything. The show was perfect, poignant and every joke hit home. Easily the best episode of the season and one of the best of the series. When Wilfred gives Bear away, I was struck at how beautiful it was. Bear is, or was indeed an important part of the show. The chemistry between Elijah and Jason can’t be more genuine. Every single scene together whether funny or sentimental they naturally clicked and we as viewers became invested in their relationship. The entire cast (special guests and recurring) all worked wonderfully together.

    I’m not so sure how Jenna and Ryan will react to the inevitable with Wilfred but at least now they have a much stronger connection. Who will break down first? The family member or the best friend? I still wonder if Ryan in some way will explain to Jenna about his special bond with Wilfred

    It will be a tough one next week. I’ve always imagined the show would end in a way we never imagined. With the things that have to be resolved, they’ll have to stick with their crazy Wilfred vibe but I hope it to be fairly simple. The writing over the course of the series has been ingenious and unique and I see that to continue with the ending. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

  2. Thanks! Elijah and Jason really do have a ton of chemistry and it really shows the power of a TV show considering they’ve spent plenty of time shooting it all, it has probably helped them build up tons of chemistry and it really shows.

    I do think Ryan might try to explain to Jenna about Wilfred which can easily have some serious consequences of course but at the same time, he might not. He might just let it be a strange, interesting, good/bad secret of his entire life and eventually fully come to terms with the whole thing and what Wilfred was to him.

    Yeah, I know it won’t actually be a simple ending and it’ll have to be crazy, no matter what. I just hope they don’t screw up and go too crazy but I think I have enough faith in the writers/direction (and the actors) at this point that they couldn’t possibly screw up the finale because the show itself has barely screwed up too often. It’s been so consistent that I can’t imagine the ending not being just as consistently good.

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