Wilfred “Responsibility” Review (Season 4, Episode 7)

Wilfred has always been a show of twists and turns with many of them being complete fake-outs but this episode decided to take one that is very much permanent…and very much out of left field and doesn’t even necessarily affect the actual storyline but it still remained incredibly effective. The episode begins with Ryan talking to his sister and how their mom wants to get out of the mental institution she has been in for quite some time. Ryan proceeds to visit her (and an entirely different actress plays her just as a different actor played Bruce and the show plays it off with another joke about cleansings and it just works. I found it absolutely enduring and hilarious. I love it, instead of them just acting like nothing happened, it makes the show very self-referential in a fun way) and she seems fairly normal and does seem genuine about getting out of the mental ward. But Ryan also questions his mom about Bruce and we are tricked for about ten seconds that she knows who he is but she was talking about an entirely different Bruce at the mental ward, just another typical Wilfred fake-out.

During all of this, Wilfred is obsessed with making fun of a three-legged dog at the mental ward (showing how he can make a human vagina with his legs/hands/thisisreallyconfusingsincetheviewerandRyanseeshimashumanish and the dog can’t) and it’s a funny little B-plot that you don’t expect to actually have any impact…oh but it does later on. We also find out that the therapist of Ryan’s mom is in a relationship with her and Kristen is not having it. She is pissed off as she didn’t want her out of the mental ward in the first place but the affair is horrible in her eyes but we find out it her problem with her mother and the relationship is more from her end and she has a very human breakdown. It is quite sincere and honest especially considering she has also come across as a bit of a “pissy” character who is mostly annoying and tries to be “level headed” about everything. But a few other things happened before that breakdown.

Ryan with Wilfred’s advice decides to ask the therapist to break up with his Mom and let her go as it’ll really just make the situation easier for everyone but it’s another Wilfred scheme as the therapist comes back drunk the next night and asks her to marry him due to a Facebook message he got from Ryan (aka Wilfred) that it was a-okay (and to sign his weird petition about banning fake throwing…hey, if I was a dog I’d want that shit banned too. What an awful fake-out that is for dogs. Ugh. Humans are terrible). Ryan’s mom agrees to get married and obviously Kristen is pissed off about and that leads to the breakdown. Essentially, the conflict is solved from there and it’s pretty easy to assume that Ryan’s mom and the therapist will remain together (and hopefully the therapist will stop using the “rape card” for fucks sake) and she’ll get out of the mental ward.

And then the craziest fucking shit happens and Wilfred just LOSES HIS GODDAMN ARM/ACTUALLYHISLEG AFTER A VERY HUMAN/GREAT BRO MOMENT WITH RYAN. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL? WHY DID THIS JUST HAPPEN? I DON’T KNOW BUT I KINDA LOVE THE CRAZY TWIST. What the hell, man? The episode just ends right after that. How crazy is that? Is this some kinda doom for Wilfred? I doubt it. I think he’ll totally be all right but how random was this? This episode really didn’t seem to have any impact on the actual plot of the show but it was still highly enjoyable and filled with plenty of funny moments. I sorta feel like the show is going back to the very lightheartedness the show began with and less on the psychological mannerisms, it makes me feel as though the show will end lightly instead of trying to have some twist heavy, crazy ending…and I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I’m okay with that. At the heart of the show it has always been about the interactions about Wilfred and Ryan…especially the lighthearted moments of simply smoking a Gatorade bong in the basement. That is what I’ll remember most from this show as we head into the end.

Funniest Moments:

  • Wilfred’s obsession with making fun of a three-legged dog is so fucking horribly hilarious. Wilfred is an awful person (ahem…dog).
  • The therapist’s gang rape experience and how awful that is might be one of the most tasteful rape jokes I’ve ever heard in anything ever. It never came across as “offensively stupid” and instead was absolutely hilarious in my eyes.
  • Oh, and he really needs to stop using the rape card, man.
  • Wilfred wanting Bear to cut off his leg with a chainsaw after drugging him. Uh, what? I don’t even-
  • Wilfred posting Facebook dick pics…how beautiful.
  • Man, Wilfred really had some great antics this entire episode.

4/5 stars

Author of this post (and every post thus far and maybe forever more):

Jesse Jordon is an aspiring comedic writer/filmmaker/performer/pieceofshit who writes this garbage on these blogs to make you laugh or learn something I guess. (Wait, why am I mixing 1st and 3rd person point of view when I’m the only one writing this?) Follow him on Twitter @WhyShitSoCrazy for bad, witty tweets. 


4 thoughts on “Wilfred “Responsibility” Review (Season 4, Episode 7)

  1. You stated that the episode didn’t seem to have an impact on the plot of the show. With this being Wilfred, I’m not so sure about that. Ever since this show began, I have found myself going back to previous episodes to catch what tied into a newer episode and I feel the same about this one. I also don’t think Wilfred will end lightly. I think they are saving up everything for the last 3 episodes and hit the viewers hard and heavy with those wonderful jokes tossed in to help keep it light.

    All in all, loved your review and loved this episode. So many great lines in it.

    • True. The episode seemed “fillerish” but I could totally be wrong about that of course. Even David Zuckerman said on Twitter that Wilfred losing his leg will play a role in the rest of the season. I think I really need to go back to older episodes (as I haven’t watched any episode of Wilfred more than once) and spot all of the things that have tied in. I do wonder if they’ll go with a heavy ending, it’s totally still possible and they could have just shifted to a lighter tone for these last few episodes to throw everyone off guard, honestly.

      And thanks!

  2. If you want to go back to earlier this season, check out the first few minutes of the first episode. Very subtle action by Ryan and he did the same in the first episode of the second second season. I still don’t know how either will play a part in everything but it has been addressed a couple of times. I hope they go heavy with the ending but not too complicated. David tweeted the man in the darkroom will be revealed as well as Bruce and they have to do this within approximately an hours worth of footage (22 minutes or so per 3 episodes) :).

    Going back to the episode itself, I marvel how Wilfred can jab about gang rape and dismemberment and not have it be too offensive. Dark humor, right? I can’t think how many times I’ve laughed at jokes that I know I shouldn’t be.

    • I’ll have to check out those episodes again then. That’s actually what I fear is that they won’t have enough time to jam pack everything into only three episodes, my hope is that they can somehow make that happen but it really is getting down to the wire.

      It is pretty amazing how the rape joke didn’t even really seem that out of place or really that dark. It just seemed like another crazy piece of humor in this show that totally fit in. But I love my dark humor anyhow and enjoy laughing at things I totally shouldn’t be, haha.

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