Wilfred “Patterns” Review (Season 4, Episode 6)

Bruce is back! (Played by an entirely different actor, which they played off with a simple joke about him getting a skin cleansing. It works I guess.) Tonight’s episode might be my favorite of the season thus far because it truly feels like some of the stuff in this episode is actually important and isn’t more fake out material that we’ve been getting for nearly the entire season (and for a lot of the show). The episode began with Ryan talking to his secretary who he accidently finds out (from a slip-up by the secretary) that she was his father’s partner. Ryan proceeds to stake her out with binoculars (which Wilfred has a strange obsession with and it’s kinda funny for some damn reason) and sees her throw something in the trash and chases the person down who grabs it. And it’s Bruce. Motherfucking Bruce is back. I’ve always loved Bruce since he has always played an important role in the show as one of the only ones who can see Wilfred; he is one of the only connecting factors to the truth of what exactly Wilfred is.

Wilfred, Bruce, and Ryan end up discussing the ongoing game Wilfred and Bruce are playing and how all of this is the “endgame.” But Wilfred does something that sorta feels genuine and decides the game is over and Bruce walks out. But Wilfred ends up disappearing, so Ryan tracks down Bruce once again to find him and they play some weird post-it note game (which essentially means the winner has to eat an entire post-it note first. I don’t even-what the fuck-I love it.) And Ryan wins and gives the “location” of Wilfred. But Wilfred is seen by Ryan in another location but is it actually Wilfred? IT ISN’T. IT’S BRUCE. BRUCE IS KRUNGEL THE TRICKSTER GOD. AND A DOG? OR SOMETHING? WHAT IS GOING ON? Who the hell knows how much of this is true or not true but it certainly feels much less like a fake-out than the other reveals this season. It felt a little bit more honest and sincere. Who knows what it is but regardless, I liked this reveal a lot.

Ryan ends up having to leave Bruce/Dog/Krungel to go save Wilfred from getting murdered at some dog pound (it was something like that? I can’t totally remember) but it was just another part of the “endgame” and Bruce had finally won since Ryan left. (This “endgame” really makes no sense.) Wilfred then reveals he put the GPS collar he got from Jenna on the Bruce, so Ryan decides to track him down. And he does but Bruce  simply calls him crazy and “crazier than his mother.” We don’t really know FOR SURE who exactly it is especially since the character was under prosthetics (which were used a lot in this episode) and it leaves a cliffhanger (which this show loves to do). This episode as a whole was interesting. Wilfred comes across as incredibly sincere and caring in this episode and seems like he actually gives a shit about Ryan. Could it be bullshit? Sure, but I feel like it wasn’t and that Wilfred does care for him. Jenna seems like she wants to reconnect with Ryan but Ryan is still pushing her away for obvious reasons since he doesn’t entirely trust Wilfred yet. But most importantly was Bruce/Dog/Krungel, that kept me interested and made this episode one hell of a great one in terms of story development, here’s to hoping Bruce continues to play a role in the rest of the season.

Funniest Moments:

  • Tinted windows by Wilfred are the best kind.
  • “How about I send you one of those fancy gift baskets?” Wilfred, you understand humans like no other. Everyone loves a fancy gift basket.
  • Post-it note eating game. I still don’t get it but that’s why I love it. Absolutely random and nonsensical in every single way.

4/5 stars


2 thoughts on “Wilfred “Patterns” Review (Season 4, Episode 6)

  1. Dude the last guy wasn’t Bruce! Wilfred said he put the tracker in the bag of money Ryan gave Genevieve for the drop! Which means that creepy ass old man, who did look like it was wearing prosthetics, is the man from the mountain!

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