Wilfred “Forward” Review (Season 4, Episode 5)

Full spoilers ahead:

Last week’s episode of Wilfred was a surprisingly serious fake-out that I wasn’t too fond of but this week’s was certainly more of a return to form for the show in terms of humor and being lighter as a whole but it still fumbles in terms of strongly moving the plot forward but maybe, just maybe, the show isn’t trying to strongly move the plot forward yet as much as it is actually prepping to do so. The episode begins with Ryan interrogating Wilfred by tying him up to a chair (and torturing him with a jar of pennies which is absolutely stupid in a great way) and questioning him, which more than anything comes from the revealing of a God named Krugel who simply exists to torment aka Wilfred. We are then led into a flashback sequence first seen through Ryan’s eyes that leads to Wilfred causing mischief at Joffrey’s “interview” for some prestigious preschool. Ryan sees it as another Wilfred-causing-bullshit-moment (or something like that), which seems probably true at first but we then see the flashback in Wilfred’s eyes.

Wilfred’s flashback starts with us seeing Bear as a drunk human…my favorite moment of the entire episode because it’s so ridiculous in a beautiful way. But the only important detail to come from the flashback is that Wilfred saw Amanda at the school-Ryan’s old girlfriend that could also see Wilfred but in a different way who then got sent to a psych ward after stealing millions of dollars in Ryan’s name. Ryan obviously doesn’t believe Wilfred and makes his way over to the school to see her working as a janitor (although in Wilfred’s flashback she is seen as a teacher with a boyfriend? Something strange there) and she freaks out and runs away from Ryan basically. I feel like she MUST play some factor later on the series or maybe even the finale because otherwise her return feels utterly pointless especially in this episode. She is the only major connection to Wilfred so I think it may be a good move to bring her back into the show.

And I suppose it is also worth noting that Jenna returned for like five seconds as well…she must play a role later on as well. This episode felt very much like a building episode but at the same time, returns to the lightheartedness that the show has at its core in terms of humor/story. I still think the episode is very much average (only a couple of worthwhile jokes and very expositiony story stuff) in many ways but at the very least it feels like a necessary building block to hopefully better episodes to follow…with actual answers.

Funniest Moments/Observations:

  • JAR OF PENNIES. Why did it make me laugh so much? I don’t even know.
  • Bear as a drunk human is still complete gold humor-wise and I can’t even explain it. I guess seeing him/her/something as an inanimate bear for the entire show and finally seeing him/her/something as human just made it completely hilarious.
  • The gerbil game is something I’d totally love to play with Wilfred…shouldn’t have put that in this review.
  • “Nerd!” Wilfred’s wonderful response to Ryan putting initials on his backpack.
  • Wilfred’s series of bad one-liners when interrogating Ryan. Stupid but fun.
  • “Thanks…Bear.” I really loved Elijah Wood’s delivery of this line when he uses bear to escape, nice piece of awkward humor and how even Ryan is sort of buying into the existence of Bear…sort of?

3.5/5 Stars

Author of this post (and every post thus far and maybe forever more):

Jesse Jordon is an aspiring comedic writer/filmmaker/performer/pieceofshit who writes this garbage on these blogs to (hopefully) make you laugh or learn something I guess. Follow him on Twitter @WhyShitSoCrazy for bad, witty tweets.


7 thoughts on “Wilfred “Forward” Review (Season 4, Episode 5)

  1. Why are people still trying to get the answers right now? For 3 and half years Wilfred has successfully managed to keep its audience engaged with a little bit here and a little more there. But I agree with you. This is most certainly a build up for what’s to come. When your really stop to think about it, Wilfred has always been a build up to what’s coming. As Wilfred has said “Everything has to do with everything.”

    I really liked this episode. From the start I felt it was going in a direction we’ve never seen before. Loved the black and white Wilfred moments, and seeing Bear as Wilfred does. What was that? It was great seeing Amanda again and through her, Ryan realized he’s still struggling with his own past. I too would love to see Amanda come back before the end.

    It’s going to be a real bummer when Wilfred concludes. It’s been the most unique show in ages.

    • Yeah, I guess that’s true. I do hope from some real actual answers (at least something, I don’t expect a show where a guy talks to a dog to be able to get real technical answers) before the show’s end.

      It was a fairly solid episode and seeing Amanda was great…I just hope it wasn’t a one-off appearance because that would be really disappointing.

      It will be really disappointing when Wilfred ends just because it’s been one of the most consistently strange and surreal shows on television in a very, very good way. It wasn’t afraid to get as weird as possible and we need more of that on television instead of the excess amounts of generic sitcoms.

      • I have a feeling we won’t get all the answers, and I hope that’s true. It’s been a blast speculating what’s going on and so many have their own assessment. I would just like to see what the writers have in their minds.

        It would be disappointing not to have Amanda back at least once more. Other than Bruce, she was the only one they brought in who could “interact” with Wilfred as Ryan does. It still remains to be known if that was true and one of the mysteries I’d like to see answered.

        >>It wasn’t afraid to get as weird as possible and we need more of that on television instead of the excess amounts of generic sitcoms.<<

        Nail on the head my friend! 🙂

      • It’s not the type of show that needs to be tied together all nicely anyhow…that’s more for shows like Breaking Bad (which did it perfectly) or Lost (which failed for the most part).

        I honestly totally forgot about Bruce, I wouldn’t mind having him come back either as long as there was a good enough reason to do so.

        And thanks! The more weird and surreal television can get, the better in my eyes!

  2. Mr Jordan – If you want to be a comedic writer, you need to watch the run-on sentences. Read that first one again. Yes, I’m a teacher. I can’t help myself. I enjoyed your recap, though. I can’t understand why this show did not gain more of an audience. It is certainly one of the most original shows on TV. That said, my wife stopped watching because she said it went from funny to weird.

    • Thanks for the writing advice but I do really enjoy my run-on sentences. It probably came from when I started reading books that break a lot of the rules of conventional writing (mostly the David Foster Wallace novel, Infinite Jest) but I can see it not always being the best way to write I suppose. Regardless of that, thanks for reading my recap! And it isn’t really surprising to me that the show hasn’t really gained an audience, it’s far too weird and surreal for most mainstream TV watchers.

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