Adventures in Babysitting (1987) Review

The 80s might be my favorite era of movies, which I realize to many movie enthusiasts, is probably a sin. I will admit that I haven’t seen a lot of “classic” movies made in the 60s downward but I still try to catch up on them all the time, so I suppose this opinion is subject to change but regardless, many of my favorite movies were made in the 80s. But Adventures in Babysitting is one of those films with just a certain 80s charm that can’t be entirely replicated nowadays. Is it that ambitious? No, not really. Is it very entertaining? Absolutely. It has some strange quirks and weird things that are mostly found in 80s movies because the 80s was kinda quirky and weird. (Well at least as far as I can tell without growing up in the era).

The story itself is a very basic fish out of water story with a bunch of white kids in the suburbs getting thrown into crazy events in the city of Chicago that are obviously outrageous and over the top because it’s a movie. Right from the opening scene of Chris Parker (Elisabeth Shue) dancing like a fool in her bedroom alone, you kinda realize this movie is going to have at least some certain charm to it. Chris is stood up by her boyfriend and then ends up having to babysit for the Andersons’ children: Sara (Maia Brewton) and Brad (Keith Coogan). But a third guest comes along Darly Coopersmith (Anthony Rapp) after he finds out that Chris is taking all of them into the city when she gets a call from her friend Brenda (Penelope Ann Miller) who decided to run away from home like an idiot. Brenda is essentially the B-plot of the film and they cut to her character here and there for some easy laughs but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

Everything essentially turns to shit once the tire on Chris’ car goes flat and they then get picked up by a trucker with a hook for a hand, they get involved with a car thief, they go to a Blues club (which might be my favorite scene in the film), college parties, etc. Just about everything that could go wrong, goes wrong. The movie is simply a fun comedy with an interesting enough plot to go with it and a certain 80s charm that can’t really be replicated nowadays. Besides, who wouldn’t rather go see Transformers: Age of Extinction and have their brain turn to mashed potatoes instead of watching an actual fun film made in the world of Hollywood like Adventures of Babysitting? Sigh. Overall, it’s a fun movie; a harmlessly fun movie with some nice quirks to it and maybe some harmless fun would be okay in Hollywood today more often (And does certainly still exist along with actual intelligent movies like the recently released Dawn of the Planet of the Apes…how did I manage to mention Transformers and Planet of the Apes in a review for Adventures in Babysitting?)

4/5 stars

Author of this post (and every post thus far and maybe forever more):

Jesse Jordon is an aspiring comedic writer/filmmaker/performer/pieceofshit who writes this garbage on these blogs to (hopefully) make you laugh or learn something I guess. Follow him on Twitter @WhyShitSoCrazy for bad, witty tweets.


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