Wilfred “Answers” Review (Season 4, Episode 4)

Full spoilers ahead.

Wilfred is a show that has surprisingly built itself upon a very strong psychological plot through its run. It started off as very silly and absurd and for most shows, it would have stayed that way as that is the easiest way to get the most laughs but instead Wilfred decided to really take the actual plot seriously which is risky…and doesn’t always work. Unfortunately, the show’s plot is very run on “fake-out scenarios” that it has used again and again and finally in this episode, I’ve sort of had it. This entire episode almost feels like a waste. It starts immediately with Ryan and Wilfred visiting the one man who has information on The Flock of the Gray Shepherds-the cult that has some connection to Wilfred’s origins but this man, who is a doctor, will not give Ryan the answers he wants unless he subjects Wilfred to some testing but it’s all a sham. Ryan is actually the one being tested on and he is also incredibly pissed at Wilfred as he found out that Wilfred sent that email of them together to his father.

His water was drugged and Wilfred is somehow in on it (or it’s just drugs causing Ryan to see this) as he plays along with his testing that actually is doing nothing whatsoever and Ryan figures it out. The scenario goes full on crazy after that even the cinematography changes and become very tripped out as Ryan falls deeper into his drug trip. I loved the cinematography choices but not much else. Wilfred has a device on his ear and may be involved…or its just drugs. Kristen shows up and tries to beat up Ryan…or its just drugs. Jenna is there with black hair…or its just drugs. Ryan sees a chart with all the people connected to him and a timeline of the events in his life…or its just drugs. Wilfred does his typical shtick of “I’m the good guy and you always just fear the worst” and the trip pretty much ends there. My point is, is this is so typical of this show and leads to nearly zero answers unless this episode is simply a set-up for future episodes which I suppose is a possibility but I have my doubts.

Ryan obviously finds out he was drugged and he already signed the forms without realizing it for the doctor guy and everything turns back to normal but he leaves with one piece of information as promised by the doctor about The Flock of the Grey Shepherds and he finds out that they also worshipped another God named Krugel who looks exactly like Mataman but simply exists to ruin people with tricks and deceit aka what Wilfred is basically to Ryan. The episode fails to find any footing or grounding in its very long and overdrawn out drug sequence that was fun to watch but felt cheap. And on top of that, the episode had almost no laughs at all except for a few chuckles here and there mostly earlier in the episode before everything went totally crazy. Was I entertained? I guess. But do I feel just faked out again for seemingly no reason? Absolutely. I sincerely hope that Wilfred finds footing for a good, well justified ending that maybe actually answers some questions of Wilfred’s origins and why Ryan sees him the way he does instead of just going into endless circles like it enjoys doing (also worth noting that I think this is worst episode of the season…I’ve enjoyed the other three).

Funniest quotes of the episode (and hopefully everything is quoted correctly…I try my best):

“I’m a special needs kid who likes bells.” Stupid, but it sadly brought in the largest laugh for me in an episode with nearly none at all.

“Got the idea from a Batman movie” It’s always good to see that medical experimentation is being inspired by Batman especially Scarecrow as that isn’t fucking terrifying in any way whatsoever.

2.5/5 stars


2 thoughts on “Wilfred “Answers” Review (Season 4, Episode 4)

  1. I think this was a cheeky joke that people might have missed:
    The doctor is player by Rutger Haeur. When he makes the Batman movie reference, he’s of course referring to Batman Begins (as you alluded to). In that movie (and in TDK), Mr. Earle, the CEO of Wayne Enterprises is played by none other than…yep.

    • I didn’t notice that when I first watched the episode but found out afterwards when I read another review for the episode which made the joke all the better, haha.

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