Neighbors (2014) Movie Review


I love stupid comedies. And no I don’t mean like Adam Sandler stupid. I mean a more self-awareness of stupidity like Seth Rogen movies or most of the movies out of the Apatow group of people. I fucking loved Neighbors.

Why? Well I have plenty of reasons why. For one thing, it mixes raunchy humor and pop culture references with ease throughout the entire movie and still has a slight underlying sense of plot with the characters despite it being minimal. For me, I was consistently laughing throughout the entire thing and it’s one of the funniest comedies I’ve seen in quite awhile especially in regards to R-rated comedies. The concept is fairly simple, a couple (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) live in a quiet, suburban neighborhood with their baby until a bunch of frat boys move in next to them lead by Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron). This basically causes a war between the couple and the frat boys with them trying to best each other and fuck with each other as much as possible. The war between these two different groups causes plenty of crazy shit to happen including Robert DeNiro impressions, lots and lots of drugs and pop culture references, sex and more sex, airbags used in the most violent way possible, etc, plenty of gags and raunchy humor throughout that I personally found funny.

Some people were “offended” by the movie and for some people I guess the humor didn’t work which the latter being understandable. I think people get way too easily offended by most things and need to get over it but I found myself laughing pretty much from start to finish. Zac Efron has officially moved on from his Disney stardom and become a solidified figure in comedy in my eyes which started with Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts and now with this movie, he kills it in nearly every scene with great comedic execution and a great portrayal of the stereotypical dumb frat guy. Seth Rogen is typically good in his roles, your opinion of him won’t change from this movie if you already don’t like him but I do, the guy is funny to me. Rose Byrne also does a great job and isn’t an actress I actually recognized but later found out I’ve seen her in a few films before. Dave Franco is also fantastic which I expected especially after 21 Jump Street. The cast as a whole is hilarious and plays off each other well.

The movie isn’t sophisticated nor does it try to be, it’s aware that it is a dumb comedy with lots of dumb but fun jokes and pop culture references like Kevin James or President Obama or Breaking Bad, I appreciate the awareness, I appreciate the fact that dumb comedies like this can still be appreciated by those who aren’t offended like myself, who don’t really have a fucking filter and are perfectly okay with that, I like swear words and dumb sex jokes and dumb things if done with an awareness of their dumbness. That’s my ending point here, Neighbors is stupid and fun and that’s why it’s good because it’s stupid and fun and knows it and no, there isn’t some “ironic” love (fuck that) for this movie I honestly and genuinely loved it and it’s one of the best comedies I’ve seen in awhile.


4.5/5 stars



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