The oddly smart satire of Beverly Hills Cop III

I feel that it is kind of weird for me to make a post on how the satire in Beverly Hills Cop III-a fairly formulaic comedy sequel-is actually quite great. And in general, I didn’t dislike the movie, I found it rather enjoyable still and some of the comedy works despite it again being a formulaic Hollywood comedy sequel. Most of the satire comes from the fact that a lot of the movie takes place in an amusement called Wonder World which is pretty clearly modeled after Disney World and other big name amusement parks and parts of it were shot at California’s Great America.

The movie seemed to take a few pretty clear jabs at the whole “everything is happy and innocent” at places like Disney World (or the general message of Disney films), which don’t get me wrong, I actually love Disney World. A lot. But, I still find the satire quite funny and well true. The entire plot is based around people who work at the amusement park, mostly security related, who aren’t good people. Like at all. They kill people, they print illegal money, and do other generic bad people things to move the plot forward (I realize that I just completely made fun of the film as I praised it but whatever). The only good guy who I guess is supposed to be the creator of the park or the characters or something (they never really specify) is Uncle Dave. A jolly man who everyone loves, no one can hate Uncle Dave! Essentially, he is the Walt Disney of this film. And it shows pretty clearly.

Walt Disney is held in high regard today still, sure there is some controversy brought up about him every now and then about racism or being anti-semitic or recently with Meryl Streep saying things that aren’t about winning Oscars all the time but overall, he is held in high esteem. Just like this Uncle Dave guy. Beyond that, we have some other things like at one point with Eddie Murphy walking around in disguise as some generic character in the theme park and a kid saying, “You’re supposed to be nice,” after he pushes his brother into the fountain. It again is a slight thing but I found it funny. The last thing relating to it is towards the end of the film when one of the police officers yells, “turn that fucking song off!” which was a generic amusement park happy song that is similar to many Disney like anthems such as “It’s a Small World.” I found it fucking hilarious, its a simple joke that is effective for the pure fact that, yes, those songs are absolutely annoying yet they are cemented into pop culture.

Look it’s a generic elephant character! (not rlly tho its actually Eddie Murphy)

Some other things I noticed that aren’t related to amusement parks and being a control center of happiness was a completely over-sexualized gun ad in the movie, again, a small thing but effective. And the last thing is shitty people winning awards, the main antagonist in the film wins an award for his security and police work despite being a complete ass (also murderer). Doesn’t this type of thing happen all the time? Roman Polanski. And Woody Allen. Fuck Woody Allen. I think I have more of a case with that now than I ever did considering Mia Farrow’s daughter just recently made a personal letter saying that he did sexually abuse her. Which I believe. Because Woody Allen is pretty creepy. Just look at the ending of Manhattan for christ sakes. Sorry I went off on a tangent (but no seriously, fuck Woody Allen). Anyways, my point is…I liked Beverly Hills Cop III and I thought it had decent satire. Which going in I thought the movie would be shit considering it has like a 10% on Rotten Tomatoes which goes to show that Rotten Tomatoes is not a good indication of a film’s quality by the way. It wasn’t a great movie by any means nor is it overly memorable but I would still recommend watching all of the Beverly Hills Cop movies, they are enjoyable and the sequels are still better than most comedy sequels.

Can someone explain this random George Lucas cameo in this movie? WHY?


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