Escape From Tomorrow (2013) Movie Review

Just as a preface, I’m a huge fan of Disney World, I’ve gone there multiple times and I appreciate and love nearly everything about it. From the atmosphere, the technology, and just the overall experience, I find it to be a wonderful place. Anyways, for those who don’t know, this was a movie entirely shot in…Disney World/Land which that alone is absolutely mind blowing. The movie could have been complete crap and it still would have been interesting but it was still an actual decent movie regardless of plenty of muddled plot/symbolism stuff that doesn’t entirely make sense.

It is the last day of Jim White’s (Roy Abramsohn) vacation at Walt Disney World with his wife (Elena Schuber) and two children (Katelynn Rodriguez and Jack Dalton), he wakes up to find out he has been fired from his job. He keeps the news to himself and just wants to enjoy his last day at the Magic Kingdom with his family. We quickly come to realize that Jim is a bit of a pervert, he is obsessive about following two teenage girls (Annet Mahendru and Danielle Safady) throughout the day. And remember, this entire thing is shot in the Magic Kingdom. People are there. Real people. Not extras, nothing of that sort.

Each shot I just keep thinking to myself, “How?” How did they manage this? How did nobody realize it? It’s absolutely insane. Jim constantly sees images of horrifying images on It’s A Small World, Winnie the Pooh, etc, etc. As the viewer, we have no idea what is real or what is in his head. The movie constantly has images of confusion. We, for ourselves, have to ask what is real. The special effects aren’t that great but I give the movie the benefit of the doubt. It’s a low budget movie, again, SHOT IN DISNEY WORLD. That alone makes this movie a significant feat. The last 30 minutes will make your head explode from wondering what is actually going on, the insanity of the entire movie, and just questioning the fact that this movie exists.

The movie has plenty of things that just don’t make sense. But, then again, I don’t care. Again, I give this movie way too much of the benefit of the doubt but I can’t help but not. It deserves it just because of how insane the last 30 minutes really are. Also, Jim is having a mental breakdown which only really helps make the movie slightly more substantial in it’s confusion because we have to guess as to what is actually real. The last 30 minutes are truly like a strange, insane, David Lynch movie or something of that measure in it’s pure weirdness. This movie is something that everyone should watch, it’s risky in nearly everyway and I’m glad to see that Disney didn’t sue them.

Sure, the movie had moments of bad acting, special effects, etc. (but, it’s surprisingly well-shot for the most part), it doesn’t matter though because of how wonderful this movie is in terms of experimentation. I may have some bias, I will admit. As a huge fan of Disney World, I loved it. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people were offended by it if they were huge Disney fans but I wasn’t really in anyway. It wasn’t really offensive and more satirical essentially. Poking fun at. But, seeing all the rides and the park on screen in this weird, slightly psychotic, and horrific way made me laugh/enjoy the hell out of it. Overall, it has it’s problems of bad special effects, acting, plot/symbolism that doesn’t entirely make sense but EVERYONE should see this to actually believe it’s even real.

4/5 stars.


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