Room 237 (2013) Movie Review

Room 237 takes an analytical approach to The Shining and provides multiple audio voice-over interviews over the film as well as other clips from other mediums. It analyzes the subtleties of the film, the hidden meanings such as it representing the Holocaust or the oppression of the Native Americans, and goes as far as Stanley Kubrick’s involvement in faking the moon landing (which is a bit much). If anything, this will convince anybody who has seen The Shining that it is much more than a simple horror movie, albeit a very good one. It is just as complex, well put together, and littered in hidden meanings as any other Kubrick film.

The charm of this documentary is that none of the people are forcing their views on you. It is still open to interpretation and what you what to believe about the film. Some people have claims that make a lot of sense such as the Native American hidden meaning but things like the Holocaust (which I think there might be a small meaning towards it in The Shining but not as much as some of these people think) or the faking of the moon landing are obvious ridiculous. Regardless, the ridiculousness is still wholly entertaining but the more analytical things that actually make sense are better. It shows that The Shining is so much more than a horror flick but it really is a Kubrick film, a complex and interesting Kubrick film. It is absolutely worth watching if you want to get a further meaning of The Shining even if some of it is littered in complete ridiculousness.

4/5 stars.


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