Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 2 “Review”

“Review” is in quotes because this is more of a rant. I have been looking forward to Agents of Shield. I watched the premiere and just found it okay, so as I sat down for the 2nd episode, I hoped for something better, not something much worse. This entire episode was generic in every sense of the word. Completely formulaic plot, done a thousand times with its “twists” and action scenes. Nothing is compelling about this show. The characters are two dimensional and provide nothing interesting except for Clark Gregg’s occasional wittiness. Everything is predictable. Every character action, most of the dialogue, etc, etc. It runs in the safest way possible, taking no risks at all. The camera work for the action scenes is typical shaky cam garbage without telling me much at all as to what is going on.

It’ll make references to the previous Marvel films which are fun but this show does nothing to actually help expand/emphasis the cinematic universe. Skye and Grant are going to be in a painfully generic relationship. Yeah, I’m using that word a lot for good reason. The two science characters seem to be only there to spout out sciency dialogue that has no real relevance. What is the point of this show? I’m having trouble seeing one. This is doing nothing, nothing at all. I really wanted this to be good, I wanted this to make the Marvel Cinematic Universe better than it already was with most of the movies being a hit in my mind and working. This is the first misstep in my mind…and hopefully the last, unless they fix this show. Oh, but the post credits scene was cool…


2 thoughts on “Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 2 “Review”

  1. I am in complete agreement. Other than Coulson, the characters are too generic for me to watch any more of this show. Grant Ward is a bland muscle guy with no interpersonal skills. May is an assassin-like agent with a secret past that has evidently erased her personality. Simmons and Fitz are stereotypical, annoying British science geeks, who seem like female and male versions of each other, that is, twins. Skye is the typical rebellious, rogue high school drop out who actually uses her wits every once in a while. I rather watch NCIS: Los Angeles because of its interesting personalities, even though it has nothing to do with the Navy or Marine Corps anymore, and working in a laid back California hotel-like office with no security and interrogating suspects in a boat shed is kind of silly.

    • Yeah, the show is painful to watch. I honestly haven’t watched more than the first two episodes even though I wanted to give it a chance…I’d rather dedicate time watching other things.

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