Rubber (2010) Movie Review

Many things in movies happen for no reason. At least according to Rubber. The movie begins by having a sheriff break the 4th wall and say that many things in movies happen for no reason, life is filled with no reason, and that the film you are watching is a homage to the aspect of “no reason.” And he wasn’t joking. The opening allows for the film to whatever it wants and make nothing seem questionable because it happens for no reason. The film also has an audience within the film watching the film that you are watching with binoculars. Yeah, the movie is this ridiculous. Now, what is the film exactly? Well, it’s about a tire. Yes, a fucking tire. But, not any normal tire. A tire that moves and has the ability to make people’s heads explode.

Pretty much as the audience, we follow this tire through it’s adventures of killing people and the film being completely nonsensical for most of it. It also cuts back to the audience watching the film constantly as they provide comments as to what is going on and we also follow a group of sheriffs exploring the crimes of the tire. Although, it’s hilarious if you just go along with it’s ridiculousness. The film really is just one long running joke of no reasons but that’s why it works. For some, it might be one note and stop being funny halfway through, but for me, the film worked for really the entire thing but I’m also a huge fan of meta humor. Essentially, applying logic to any of this film will make you not enjoy it, so don’t. Just go along with the ride and never question a thing because none of it makes sense. The film also has references to other ones such as Dawn of the Dead which I really enjoyed as a fan of reference humor/homage‘s.

I can’t recommend this film to everyone. It really depends if you like things to be nonsensical or if you enjoy meta humor. And even if you do, it might run much too long and tire (see, what I did there…that wasn’t funny…) itself out. I found myself laughing through most of it and just having a great time while watching a film with zero logic or sense, which is truly the entire point.

4/5 stars.


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