The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) Film Review

The Bride of Frankenstein is an interesting sequel to say the least. It starts off by breaking the forth wall essentially and having an actress (Elsa Lanchester) play the author of theFrankenstein novel which leads to her saying she has more of a story to tell. We then get a few scenes from the original Frankenstein film which sums up some aspects of the film and then we are led right into the events immediately after. The Monster has lived as well as Henry Frankenstein. Does it feel a bit cheap? Yeah, I guess so but I’ve always given the horror genre the benefit of the doubt with sequels. And it doesn’t matter because this film works really well for the most part. It is filled with fun, campy, over the top performances that keep the film highly entertaining. In general, the film seems to be self-aware and is somewhat a self-parody of the previous Universal horror flicks.

Most of the film is really The Monster running into other people and having strange, awkward, and comical encounters with them. From The Monster eventually learning to talk to accidentally killing people in rage, this film remains extremely fun. Why is the film calledThe Bride of Frankenstein then? Honestly, I can’t entirely figure it out myself. The Bride doesn’t come until the tail end of the film which was a bit of an issue for me. I would have loved to see some fun, silly, scenes with The Monster and his Bride but sadly, we don’t really get that. Regardless, the film is still a really fun time and might just be better than it’s sequel which has only been done a handful of times and really almost never is done in the horror genre.

4/5 stars.


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