Little Shop of Horrors (1986) Movie Review

A 1986 musical film based on the 1982 musical based on the original 1960 film…Yeah, it’s based off some stuff. I have no knowledge about the original film or the musical but I certainly had a fun time watching this one. As a prerequisite, I typically do not enjoy musicals, I’ve only enjoyed a handful, (classic Disney films, Singin’ in the Rain, The Muppets, etc.) most of them I don’t like due to the fact that when they break into song it feels so out of place or weird. Rather, in this film, it compliments the silliness of the film with its over the top acting that provides most of them comedic moments in the film. The film follows Rick Moranis’ character, Seymour, who works in a plant shop where he has worked almost all his life after being taken in by Vincent Gardenia’s character, Mr. Mushnik. The other employee at the plant shop is played by Ellen Greene with her character Audrey. Seymour has always liked Audrey but unfortunate for him, she has a boyfriend hilariously played by Steve Martin named Orin who is a dentist. Martin provides some of the best laughs from the film with his ridiculous music number.

One day, Seymour brings a plant in that appeared one day during a strange eclipse while he was shopping for plants, he brings this strange plant and it instantly brings in customers that the store desperately needed. Little does everyone know, is that the plant isn’t exactly the most normal thing and this leads to a turmoil of events with Audrey II (the plant) named after Audrey by Seymour. Rick Moranis definitely helps carry the film with his charming performance and the film is loaded with great comedic cameos by some of the best around at the time. The film has beautiful and simplistic set design with a city that obviously looks like a backlot, but it doesn’t matter because it still provides an extra charm to the film due to the design. Regardless of how silly the movie is, it still manages to have some heart and you do care about the two leads. The musical numbers are fun and interesting albeit a bit overbearing at times. In general, the film is a fun time that provides a great and over the top experience.

4/5 stars


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