What is your favorite season in The Last of Us? (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

(NOTE: This article contains massive SPOILERS for The Last of Us). One of my favorite parts of The Last of Us is how the game takes place over an entirety of a year and is spread out into four seasons. I think this helps the game’s story run more fluently and if anything, has each season end with something huge that impacts the story significantly. Especially the ending of the fall season where Joel “dies.” My favorite season in the entire game is probably the winter segment, although, just choosing one season is defiantly hard to do.

One of my favorite parts of the entire game is when you first take control of Ellie in the winter and you hunt down a deer. You as the player are so concerned about whether Joel is alive and to have this calming segment is actually quite a relief oddly. They keep this going for a good 20-30 minutes until the mention of medicine comes up so we have to assume Joel is probably alive but not well. Regardless, that quiet segment when you hunt that deer down as Ellie is truly incredible and is a perfect transition to the heated events of the end of the fall season. Then, we meet David who seems fairly normal. And then, he mentions a little girl and an old man who killed their men and to me, that is one of the biggest “Oh shit,” moments of the game. You realize David is not going to leave Ellie alone and quickly you learn how big of a psychopath he is.

This leads to a long segment of taking down enemies with stealth as both Joel and Ellie. It transitions between the characters flawlessly and a large snow storm is going on during all of this, making it one of the best stealth segments in the game. We also learn how David and his men are cannibals and it is fucked up, but, you begin to realize, a lot of people are probably doing this: it’s either survive by any means or die in this world. It’s the first extremely fucked up part of the game where we see David essentially try to rape Ellie, to me, this is one of the most tense moments of the game as Ellie tries to grab a knife and eventually stabs the hell out of David.

Joel comes to comfort Ellie with the line, “It’s okay, baby girl.” It is a simple ten to fifteen second long scene of Joel trying to calm her down and it is still one of the most emotional moments in the game. This is where the winter segment ends. Another perfect ending to one of the game’s seasons. I really think the winter season is truly the perfect combination of storytelling and gameplay in the entire game. Although, I really would say that in the end, I probably like all of the seasons equally and find each to have amazing qualities, the winter one just has so many great moments. In general, I am indeed on The Last of Us hype train, it deserves all the praise it is getting, a perfect closure to a really great generation of video games. So, tell me below what your favorite season in the game is. I expect varied answers to be perfectly honest because each segment is truly incredible.


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