Games I’ve Played Recently #1

I decided I might as well start talking about games I’ve been playing recently here on my blog. I figured it would be a good way to just start some discussion and feel free to post whatever games you’ve played in the past week or so in the comments.

1. Dishonored (Completed, Score: 6/10)

I finished this one and I do not really know if I am missing something here. I just could not get into most of this game. I found most of the environments and the world in general to be bland and uninspired. Nearly every single character is uninteresting and barely developed in anyway. The gameplay is okay but loses it’s flair about four missions in. The AI is mediocre at best and the stealth gameplay is certainly nothing that innovative compared to something like The Last of Us or Metal Gear Solid.

It isn’t a horrible game, just a very uninspired one. I found some of the abilities really fun to mess around with and that added some variety to the gameplay. *SPOILERS: I found the twist to be really obvious and really nothing that interesting, it felt so stereotypical.* Also, this isn’t a criticism of just Dishonored but a lot of games, why am I getting punished with a worse ending by killing people and actually having more fun? Sometimes I really just don’t want to be stealthy and I want to kill people, why do I get punished for that? It’s stupid.

2. Gitaroo Man Lives! (Completed, Score: 10/10)

This is probably the third time I’ve played this game but the first time I’ve played the PSP version itself. I already did a blog post on this game because it is one of my favorite games of all time and extremely underappreciated, so, go read that if you are interested in my thoughts on the game.

3. The Last of Us (Completed on New Game Plus, Score: 10/10)

My second play through of The Last of Us was just as good as the first. Every single cutscene and story aspect of the game hit just as hard as the first time with all of the emotions. In fact, I think on my second play through that some scenes hit me even harder. I played it on New Game Plus on normal which I sort of regret because it was way too easy. I plan to play it again on hard and hopefully that will give me a better challenge that time.

I also have poured a decent amount in the multiplayer in the past week. I’ve probably put in at least ten hours plus and I love this multiplayer a lot. A lot of it is teamwork focused and taking things slow. You cannot just rush in like a fool because you will die. The only unfortunate thing is if you’re playing on your own (which I was), if you’re stuck with a crappy team who just doesn’t know what there doing, you’re screwed usually. So, if anyone wants to play some multiplayer defiantly add me. (which is on my profile on here and I’ll post it to the bottom).

4. Red Dead Redemption (currently playing)

I started playing Red Dead Redemption actually around a year and a half ago and sort of quit. I was in the beginnings of Mexico and the game just got boring for me. I’ve decided to go back and start from the beginning. I do enjoy some aspects of this game but I defiantly have problems in regards to it being repetitive and the characters thus far. I find some of the missions like herding animals boring as all hell. Why would anyone want to do this? It’s just a frustrating, uninteresting, mission. Also, the story itself really isn’t that great (thus far). Most of the characters really aren’t interesting so far except maybe Nigel West Dickens who actually has a over the top personality that I find interesting. John Marston seems somewhat interesting but so far, he’s just an okay character. I can’t totally judge it yet though just being three hours or so in.

5. Lumines Electronic Symphony

I just need to say something, I love the Vita. It’s such a gorgeous handheld. And anybody who says it doesn’t have any games is insane. Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Lumines Electronic Symphony, Persona 4 Golden (which I still need to buy), Gravity Rush, Unit 13, Muramasa Rebirth, loads of indie games and other downloadable titles, etc. It is one of my favorite systems ever and I don’t even own that many games for it, regardless of the abundance of titles it does have.

Lumines was a game I really enjoyed on the original PSP but, I kind of sucked at, so I could never get through the main game mode and never actually unlock all of the skins. Fortunately, they fixed that problem on Electronic Symphony. You aren’t forced to get through Voyage mode to unlock every skin and you can keep on retrying voyage mode from whatever skin you failed on, so you don’t have to start from the beginning (your score gets reset but that only makes sense). I also enjoy the avatar abilities added to the game allowing some variety in gameplay such as being able to stop the line or getting a chain block. In addition, they’ve added a leveling system which allows you to unlock new avatars and skins and I’m glad they did. Overall, Lumines Electronic Symphony is a blast and defiantly a great game to pour a bunch of hours into or just kill a bit of time.

PSN: Omegaheartbeat (I hate this name, with a passion. Sony please add names changes on PS4, please?)


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